Mar 29 -

For days when I want to get out of the occasional hum-drum of Pinecrest (mainly on Sundays), I take a mini road trip down to Homestead and the Redlands. As South Florida in its most rural form, I get to reconnect myself with the Earth by making stops at Burr’s Berry Farm and Knaus’ Berry Farm. Both establishments, if I do say so myself, provide the best strawberries I have tasted, ever. I split my time amongst both, preferring to get Burr’s classic staple, a hot dog with a strawberry milkshake from fresh strawberries (Adam begs to differ, thinking Vanilla is best), while I salivate when I see the sight of Knaus’ sweet rolls. One cannot resist taking home at least a dozen of the sweet rolls home to keep the momentum. Besides their main staples, both establishments sell other fresh goods, jellies, fresh bread, cakes, and more. They’re both trusted long-running businesses that help mold Homestead and the Redlands into what it is. Overall, tasting the sweet yet succulent strawberries after a long day (relaxed or not) is an ever refreshing treat which keeps one coming back for more. 


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Not only scouring cities across the country, but savoring the palette of her own backyard, Miami; Megan and Vanessa clean plate after plate to reach ultimate food nirvana.